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Cathy Costello
Rep. Leslie Osborn
Occupation Cathy Costello is a former classroom teacher, current business owner and National Mental Health Speaker and Advocate. Rep. Osborn is a 10-year career politician who seeks to increase her state pension and government income by moving up to Labor Commissioner.
Years of professional experience Cathy Costello is the only candidate to make a million dollar payroll. Tens of millions of payroll were generated out of the $200 million plus of revenue during the twenty-five year period of AMCAT (American Computer & Telephone) and its sister companies. Rep. Osborn is a political insider who chaired  the Oklahoma House Appropriations and Budget Committee during the 2017 Legislative Session in which she spearheaded tax and fee increases. Some of Osborn’s measures were ruled unconstitutional because she did not follow the rules, forcing taxpayers to fund a Special Session.
Number of jobs created Cathy Costello, and her late husband Mark, founded companies that have created over 100 good-paying jobs in telecommunications, software, construction and other industries. Prior to becoming a politician, it appears Ms. Osborn created no more than 5 jobs in her truck accessory business.
Truthfulness Cathy Costello has and will continue to run a campaign based on issues and truth. Rep. Osborn launched her campaign with a lie on Facebook that was removed after media scrutiny.
Supports faith-based adoption agencies YES NO
Campaign style Cathy Costello enjoys wide support among conservatives, Republican activists, and business leaders for her civil discussion of free enterprise, advocating safety in the work-place and pro-job growth policies. Rep. Osborn called for the political defeat of Conservative Republican legislators.
Seeks political favor of special interests Cathy Costello is independent of political insiders. Rep. Osborn has taken over $226,545.66 from Lobbyists and Special Interests groups to fund her campaigns.
Used their leadership role to grow bureaucracy and red tape NO YES. Rep. Osborn sponsored or cosponsored 496 pieces of legislation numbering 4,026 pages of additional red tape strangling job growth.
Philosophy Conservative - Wants to cut red tape and reduce bureaucracy. Liberal - 48% score by American Conservative Union.
Key Endorsements 33 Conservative Leaders AFL-CIO
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Cathy Costello
the Conservative
That's Right!

Rep. Osborn is too liberal for Oklahoma.
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