Vote Conservative Republican, Cathy Costello, for Labor Commissioner

"Compare Cathy Costello, conservative Republican, to her opposing candidate before making your decision to vote on August 28."

Costello Gains Another Endorsement

"Cathy Costello receives endorsement from OKC Friday for candidacy in the August 28 Election"

Vote Cathy Costello for Labor Commissioner on August 28th

"Labor Commissioner candidate, Cathy Costello, sheds light on her experiences that make her the perfect candidate for Oklahoma."

Costello: Occupational Licensing Reforms Key To Oklahoma’s Economic Future

“The burden of excessive occupational licensing in Oklahoma is unfair to both workers and employees. In the 1950’s, only 1 in 20 workers in the United States was required to obtain licensure. Today, that number is nearly one in three. ”

Candid Interview With Labor Commissioner Candidate Cathy Costello

“Labor Commissioner candidate, Cathy Costello, takes a visit to Q.I.T.C. Studios with DJ Raven Cade to talk politics, mental health and her stance on labor issues in Oklahoma. ”

Oklahoma Republican Assemblies Endorses 62 Candidates In Primary Races

“The Oklahoma Republican Assemblies(OKRA) Endorsed 62 Republican Candidates tonight, at their biennial Endorsing Convention, in Tulsa.”

NewsOK: Your Views Wednesday, June 13

“It is so refreshing to hear a candidate for elected office in Oklahoma talk openly about the importance of mental health. Cathy Costello, a Republican candidate for labor commissioner, is perhaps the first candidate in the country to link mental health issues with the workplace.”

Star-Spangled Banner feat. Cathy Costello, Labor Commissioner candidate, and Ben Burnsed

“Labor Commissioner candidate, Cathy Costello, sings the Star-Spangled Banner accompanied by Ben Burnsed at the Payne County Republican Party GOP meeting in Stillwater, OK.”

Oklahoma Might Be Able To Crawl To The Political Middle

“Having lived in Los Angeles as an actor and assistant to a screenwriter and producer – and then having lived in southwest Kansas as a farmhand – I had the unique and fortunate chance to experience the liberal, vocal minority as well as the conservative, silent majority of our beautiful nation (and, of course, every shade in between).”

GOP Labor Candidates Talk Jobs, Mental Illness, Mistrust

“Cathy Costello, a former educator, is a businesswoman and wife to the late Mark Costello, an elected Oklahoma labor commissioner. She spoke many times about providing mental health care for Oklahoma workers.”

Labor Commissioner Candidate Cathy Costello Talks Mental Health

“Cathy Costello wants to protect the workforce in a personal way of life experience. The essence of work is deeper and more spiritual than affording food or a roof over one’s head, said Costello, a 2018 candidate for state Labor Commissioner. Costello would take a more holistic approach to the office.”

Cathy Costello: “Mental Illness Is A Labor Issue”

“Cathy Costello is in a unique position to run for Oklahoma Labor Commissioner and to advocate for awareness of mental illness. 

Costello Says She Isn’t Looking For Sympathy Vote

“Cathy Costello speaks openly and frequently about the Aug. 23, 2015, tragedy that cost her husband’s life and has her son facing a murder trial. Oklahoma Labor Commissioner Mark Costello was stabbed to death by Christian Costello that day in Oklahoma City, leading to personal heartbreak for the remaining members of the Costello family and a personal call to action for Cathy.”

OK County Sheriff Taylor Endorses Cathy Costello

“Oklahoma County Sheriff P.D. Taylor is endorsing Cathy Costello in the Republican Primary for Labor Commissioner.  Taylor is also his encouraging colleagues in law enforcement to do the same.”

Jolly Throws Support Behind Costello Labor Commissioner Campaign

“Cathy Costello gets a nod of approval in her run for Labor Commissioner from political strategist Stuart Jolly. The endorsement was announced over the weekend.”

Cathy Costello Makes Campaign Stop In Miami

“Republican candidate of Oklahoma Labor Commissioner, Cathy Costello, made campaign stops to Miami to gain votes before the June 26, 2018 election.”

Costello Campaign Sheds Light On ‘The Dignity Of Work”

“It is a belief in the dignity of work that helped inspire Cathy Costello to run for the position of Oklahoma Labor Commissioner.”

“Mental Health Is Not A Partisan Issue” Cathy Costello Gets Candid In Visit To The Blackwell Journal-Tribune

“Is mental health an issue that the Oklahoma Department of Labor should address? Can Oklahoma do more to improve workplace safety? And can the “skills gap” be closed?”

Congressman Russell Endorses Cathy Costello For Labor Commissioner

“Oklahoma's 5th District Congressman, Lt. Col. Steve Russell (ret.), announces his support for Cathy Costello in the Republican Primary for Labor Commissioner.  Cathy Costello is running for the job held by her late husband from 2011 to 2015.”

Editorial: Cathy Costello For Labor Comm.

“Mark Costello was one of the best – if not the best – state labor commissioners in Oklahoma history. His life was cut short by a tragic murder but his legacy remains. That office is open this year and his widow, Cathy Costello, is running for the Republican nomination.Her best qualification for the job is her decades of working side by side with her late husband on a several successful businesses.”

Cathy Costello Campaigns Across Oklahoma— And Was Featured Speaker At A Legislative Meeting In New Jersey

“Cathy Costello has barnstormed the state of Oklahoma since her summer announcement of candidacy for the position of Oklahoma Commissioner of Labor. She has integrated the campaign for office into continued advocacy for reforms in mental health policies, uplifting the memory of her late husband Mark, who was state Labor Commissioner from 2011-15.”

Costello Announces another Endorsement In Her Bid To Become Oklahoma Labor Commissioner

“Leading public education advocate, Dr. Denise Roddy, is endorsing Cathy Costello in the Republican Primary for Labor Commissioner.”

Costello Says License Reform Needed

"Cathy Costello makes it no secret that she wants to work toward ending the stigma around mental health issues after the death of her husband, former Oklahoma Labor Commissioner Mark Costello."

Republican Women Hear From Candidates

“A candidate debate presented by Edmond Republican Women’s Club gave members insight for when they cast their ballots at the state primary election scheduled June 26. Former Oklahoma City Mayor Kirk Humphreys served as moderator of the all-Republican event held at the Hilton Garden Inn and Conference Center.”

Cathy Costello- Candidate For Labor Commissioner

Listen to the Cathy Costello interview with KTOK (KTOK-AM)'s show as she talks about her reform for the Labor Commissioner position.

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Costello: Better Days Ahead Makes this Labor Day Worthy of Celebration

Our state motto “Labor Omnia Vincit” translates from Latin to English as “Labor Conquers All”. Oklahomans are accustomed to work – hard work, that is, and that hard work has provided each new generation a better life than the preceding generation.

Watch Live Now

Cathy Costello Announces Run For Labor Commissioner

Posted by KWTV - NEWS 9 on Wednesday, August 2, 2017
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Cathy Costello’s decision to run for the office once held by her late husband was not taken lightly, and she’s had two years to carefully consider how she’d approach the office and what her priorities will be if elected, she told KRMG Wednesday.

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Cathy Costello announces candidacy for state labor commissioner

Cathy Costello says her campaign for state labor commissioner is personal. “On Aug. 23, 2015, I watched my husband die,” she said Wednesday. “What a wake-up call! I could spend the rest of my life grieving. I could spend the rest of my life with the covers over my head. And if I did that, the life and death of Mark Costello would have been in vain.”

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