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Costello: Better Days Ahead Makes this Labor Day Worthy of Celebration

Our state motto “Labor Omnia Vincit” translates from Latin to English as “Labor Conquers All”. Oklahomans are accustomed to work – hard work, that is, and that hard work has provided each new generation a better life than the preceding generation.

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Cathy Costello Announces Run For Labor Commissioner

Posted by KWTV - NEWS 9 on Wednesday, August 2, 2017
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Cathy Costello’s decision to run for the office once held by her late husband was not taken lightly, and she’s had two years to carefully consider how she’d approach the office and what her priorities will be if elected, she told KRMG Wednesday.

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Cathy Costello announces candidacy for state labor commissioner

Cathy Costello says her campaign for state labor commissioner is personal. “On Aug. 23, 2015, I watched my husband die,” she said Wednesday. “What a wake-up call! I could spend the rest of my life grieving. I could spend the rest of my life with the covers over my head. And if I did that, the life and death of Mark Costello would have been in vain.”

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